Awards >> Midem’s “Person of the Year”

Awards >> Midem’s “Person of the Year”

Midem’s “Person of the Year”

Midem’s “Person of the Year” in Cannes for his services to global music

Bill Roedy [..] recieved the “Nesuhi Ertegun Person of the Year” Trophy at Midem, January 19-23, 2003. He was the ninth person to receive the prestigious international accolade in Cannes.

The trophy was created in 1989 by Xavier Roy, Chief Executive, Reed Midem, to recognise outstanding music industry figures, and honour their lifetime of achievement.

Xavier Roy, comments, “Bill Roedy is a true leader, a visionary pioneer of music television and a dedicated lover of music. Through his innate respect for world cultures, he has relentlessly adapted the concept of MTV to reflect the different continents through which he constantly travels. His commitment to music has not only doted MTV with a genuine cultural role but also propelled it forward as one of the most potent forces in visual music today”. Xavier Roy adds, “A long time friend and Midem supporter, Bill Roedy is also an unstinting donor of his time and effort to the international promotion of HIV and AIDS education. As UNAIDS Ambassador, he applies the same energy which he has used to promote MTV’s global expansion, to the concerns of those less fortunate”.

Paul Zilk, Managing Director of Reed Midem, says of Roedy’s nomination, “I am very proud to honour such an outstanding entertainment industry professional at Midem 2003. A dedicated internationalist he has done much to open up the frontiers of music to new audiences all over the world and to promote the global exchange of culture through music.”

[..] Through his extensive travels and advocacy for social responsibility, Mr Roedy became an Ambassador for UNAIDS in 1998. In this capacity he leads MTV’s international efforts to promote HIV/AIDS education, fight complacency and lessen the stigma attached to the disease.

About Nesuhi Ertegun Person of the Year

The Trophy was first presented to Nesuhi Ertegun in 1989, when he was President of IFPI (the International Federation of the Phonogram Industry); it was conferred on Quincy Jones in 1990; Jan Timmer, President of PHILIPS in 1991; Jean-Loup Tournier, Chairman of the Board of French copyright society SACEM in 1993; Arista President Clive Davis in 1995; Atlantic Records founder and co-chairman Ahmet Ertegun in 1998, Frances Preston, President and CEO of BMI in 1999 and noted composer and producer David Foster in 2000.all at the Midem annual music industry gathering in Cannes. Midem also honoured Japan’s Misa Watanabe at Midem Asia in 1997 and Spain’s Eduardo Bautista, President and Managing Director of SGAE, in 1998 at Midem in Miami.

[press release originally published on Music Industry News Network]